Chad Adams Portrait

I grew up in the Hill Country around Austin, Texas where I was inspired by my family to pursue creative endeavors and to follow my passions. The culmination of this was my first camera in my early teens. I photographed my pets, family, and friends (whether they liked it or not!).

I produced video media in middle school (the school-wide morning news show!) and became familiar with industry terms and standards for video production. I’ve made short films and helped others with their video projects for years. Although it’s not my primary focus, video production remains an important part of my life, both personally and professionally.

The travel bug bit me shortly thereafter and I began my journeys to Central and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico; carrying my trusty camera with me at all times. Some of my shots have been featured in magazines and on travel websites. Mostly, though, these were just for posterity and showing off my many trips!

I have an irrational passion for freezing moments in the form of a still photograph; I cannot describe why it makes me so happy. I also enjoy the way that a short film can really tell a compelling story.  I would like very much to share my passion for capturing memories with you and I encourage you to contact me or my staff at any time.